Biodiversity and Landscape Change

We are surveying biodiversity and using satellite imagery to understand landscape change through time in a selected area of the Dismal River headwaters area. Our overarching goal is to build a comprehensive understanding of the ecological processes underlying adaptation and resilience in the Sandhills ecosystem.

Jay Ethnography.jpg

Ethnography of Communication

The goal is to notice, describe, and interpret local meanings, premises, and practices of the place-based term "The Sand Hills." Doing so, describing culture and communication in this way, provides a set of resources for dialogue in and about this place that is unique and valuable to Nebraskans. (Photo Courtesy of Hooton Images)


Documentary Filmmaking

Over time we will be developing a series of short documentaries featuring different aspects of the Sandhills. A feature length documentary is also being planned.


Student Involvement

Our project will feature intentional recruitment and active involvement of students to both strengthen their backgrounds in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities, as well as to broaden their understanding the interplay of perspectives necessary for understanding the complexity of the Sandhills.